Vol 1 | Jackie Venson "Evolution of Joy" (Try Hard Ltd Vinly Edition)

Vol 1 | Jackie Venson "Evolution of Joy" (Try Hard Ltd Vinly Edition)

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-Try Hard Ltd Vinyl Vol 1 -


"The Evolution Of Joy" (Try Hard Edition) limited edition 12in vinyl with a bright white pour

This is a 12" vinyl LP of Jackie Venson's "Evolution of Joy" (Try Hard LTD Vinyl Edition, The THLV Edition does not include all songs from "Evolution of Joy")

Evolution of Joy is a complete overhaul and re-doing of Jackie Venson's original album Joy. Though the songs may be familiar to some long time fans, the presentation, growth, and 5-year development of Jackie and her band will leave you floating in the cosmos. These songs have never been captured this way, unless you've been lucky enough to catch a live show in the last couple years. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the hi-fi, ethereal and intensely groovy Evolution of Joy.



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