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Here's the run down

  • DJs spinning vinyl records with a siq sound system
  • Warm, welcoming staff with great recommendations - We are stoked that you decided to come to Try Hard and we'll find the right drinks & food for you!
  • Delicious food - Our kitchen crew makes everything from scratch including our tortillas. They care a LOT about good f*&king food.
  • A dog-friendly and smoking-friendly back patio, family-friendly front patio, and small but cozy seating inside. We have shade and weather coverage on our back patio, so you can still hang out when it rains!

What is a Try Hard?
A Try Hard is someone who puts maximum effort into anything they do. We named our business Try Hard because our team pushes the limits on everything-- customer service, food, beverage, environment... we will never be satisfied with ourselves which is the curse of a Try Hard.

What are we Try Hards about?
We want you to have a good time, it's as simple as that. Come in, have fun, rinse. Repeat.

Our Team
Our team is larger than meets the eye. There are more than baristas behind the counter. You'll hear a lot of laughter from behind our hidey-wall because our bakers and kitchen staff know how to have fun while working out of our teeny kitchen. They must be magicians because they somehow manage to sling tons of tacos and beautifully plated dishes out of our humble kitchen. They work shoulder-to-shoulder to make fresh, delicious food every day. You can view our current menu here.

Your Experience 
Music blasts on our front patio as you walk up, and you'll be greeted by one of our rad baristas at the register. Our indoor space is quite small, so you can expect a short wait outside if there is a line --don't worry, the line moves quickly and we'll have you eating and drinking in no time. Trust us, you'll want to stand in line because that's where you get the best quality stereo sound from our speakers. DJs spin vinyl every morning and they've got sweet record collections...so listen up and soak it in!  Our front patio is non-smoking, but you will smell something a little funny out on our back patio... We sell CBD rollies from Redeemer CBD for you to enjoy with your cuppa so it might smell a bit like hemp out back. Not your thing? No worries, our front patio will always remain smoke-free.

Our Community
Small-business and neighborhood community support is the reason we are here today, and we will always be grateful for this. We're committed to bolstering our neighborhood and beyond. Right now, there are few ways we support the community. A portion of every bag of coffee purchased at Try Hard is donated to Health Alliance for Austin Musicians (HAAM). You can also support local musicians directly by buying their vinyl at our shop, where 100% of album sales go to back to the artist.

As always, we are happy to address any questions or concerns you may have while dining in with us. We're able directly assist and remedy issues at that time, so don't hesitate to bring feedback to our baristas behind the counter. If they can't assist you, they'll put you in contact with someone who will! You are more than welcome to shoot us an email at info@tryhardcoffee.com


Rae, Gabrielle, Jon

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