The Sound of Coffee

The Sound of Coffee is a collaboration between Try Hard x Spokesman Coffee and The Octopus Project. Try Hard & Spokesman each roasted a coffee & The Octopus Project created two unique songs/videos using a MIDI Biodata Sonification Device to translate a coffee plant's biodata into music and visuals.

We are very excited to announce our newest coffee collaboration: The Sound of Coffee.

The Octopus Project captured the electricity of one of our very own coffee plants using alligator clips and Midi Biodata Sonification (cool, huh?!)...but what does that mean? Through this process, the electricity of the plant has been converted to midi data. Using synthesis, this data is converted into sound waves. Sound waves = music...and man, does this coffee plant jam hard!

In true Try Hard fashion, we wanted to over complicate this. We asked The Octopus Project to interpret the gathered data in a chill, ambient sound as well as a chaotic, intense sound. Some science, math, physics, and incredible musical talent later...the Sound of Coffee was created!

This project was originally released as a blend. Try Hard roasted a coffee to reflect the AMBIENT track and Spokesman roasted a coffee to reflect the CHAOS track. These two coffees were then blended together.

With this release, The Sound of Coffee is back with two distinctly different coffees from the state of Veracruz, Mexico. HOWEVER -- We switched sides.

Try Hard interpreted CHAOS with a naturally-processed coffee from Veracruz, Mexico. The flavor profile showcases a sugar cane sweetness, nutty, full body and a smooth finish.

Spokesman interpreted AMBIENT with a washed coffee from Veracruz, Mexico. This coffee tastes like chocolate mousse, orange creamsicle, and candied pecan.

This is a super-limited release that includes 2 12oz bags and a canvas carry-all commemorative tote. The back label on the bags includes a link to listen to The Sound of Coffee.

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