Try Hard Ltd Vinyl | Vol 3 | Pre-order Die Spitz Double EP Box Set

Try Hard Ltd Vinyl | Vol 3 | Pre-order Die Spitz Double EP Box Set

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This Double EP is our first-ever studio project. Die Spitz recorded both EPs with our studio partner, Austin Signal, and we were with them through the whole process. Side A (Teeth) is a hard-hitting 6-song EP recorded by Kevin Butler in November of 2022. Side B (The Revenge of Evangeline) includes 6 songs recorded live by Charlie Kramsky in June of 2022, plus a bonus track, “Chug” from Teeth.

We first discovered Die Spitz at Hole in the Wall in early 2022 and were shocked they didn’t have any studio recordings. After meeting with the band and Austin Signal owner, Jon Niess, we decided to make Die Spitz our first-ever Studio to Pressing artists. Working with them closely all the way through the process we have tons of behind the scene stories, photos, and videos to share.

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Drink Coffee the way the band does

-sourced and roasted with each band

-brew it as they do: each box comes with brewing instructions specific to their taste

Get an all-access pass to the process

-get an inside look at upcoming releases from Austin Signal Studios

-interviews, photography, and video footage all before the album comes out

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